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Legal notice & privacy

Article 3 of Order TIN/665/2010, of 15 March, which establishes the Electronic Office in the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy states:

  • In subparagraph (d), The ownership of the Electronic Office shall be held by the Undersecretary of the Department.
  • In section (e), The technological management of the Office shall be the responsibility of the Sub-Directorate General for Data Processing.
  • In subparagraph (f), The heads of the management centres of the Department shall be responsible for the management, content and services made available to citizens at the Office and, where appropriate, for the agencies incorporated into the Office. Responsibility will correspond to the powers that each of the holders has been attributed by the legislation in force.
  • In subparagraph (g), The management of the common contents of the Office and coordination with the management centres of the Department and the agencies incorporated into the Office will be the responsibility of the Minister's Office of Communication, which shall exercise it through the Directorate-General for Services.

Article 7 of Royal Decree 1671/2009 of 6 November, which partially implements Law 11/2007, of 22 June, on citizens' electronic access to public services, provides:

  • The establishment of an electronic office shall entail the responsibility of the holder for the integrity, accuracy and updating of the information and services that may be accessed through it. The owner of the electronic office containing a link or hyperlink to another whose responsibility lies with different bodies or public administration shall not be liable for the integrity, truthfulness or updating of the latter.
  • The Office shall establish the necessary means for the citizen to know whether the information or service accessed corresponds to the Office itself or to an access point that does not have the status of office or to a third party.

In this regard, the Electronic Office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy will notify you by means of a link when you leave the Office.

Intellectual and industrial property:

  • Both the design of the Office and its source code, as well as the logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs, belong to the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy and its dependent bodies, being protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.
  • The total or partial reproduction of the contents is authorised, provided that their public origin is expressly cited. The Ministry of Labour and Social Economy declares its respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties; therefore, if you believe that this site may be violating your rights, please contact the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.
  • In order to keep the information published at the Office up to date, its contents may be modified, corrected, deleted or added at any time, and it is therefore appropriate to verify the validity or accuracy of the information by going to the official sources.
  • The Ministry of Labour and Social Economy is not responsible for the replies made through the various e-mail addresses that appear on its portal, except those of the department itself, so under no circumstances may any binding legal effect be derived from them under the terms of the provisions of the aforementioned article 4 of Royal Decree 208/1996.